WG6 – Dissemination, Participatory and user-centered design processes

This WG is dedicated to the successful communication and dissemination of the findings of the other WGs by promoting an effective transfer of existing knowledge and practices and facilitate a better communication among research-policy-public sectors which is a core objective of SMILES Action.
The aim of this WG is to ensure that all the deliverables and project outputs produced in WGs 1-5 are relevant for the stakeholders involved in this project and beyond, through continuous participation in project activities.
Specific attention will be paid

  • (1) to develop a tailored communication strategy which will fit to the target groups (scientific community, policy makers and different stakeholders and general public),
  • (2) to fill in the communication gaps among target groups by promoting a common “language” (by promoting and translating the incorporating vocabulary on ES developed in WG 6 in at least 6 EU languages; and
  • (3) enhance and increase accessibility to the scientific knowledge related to natural capital and management in small-medium islands by developing and implementing a research strategy.

The final conference will engage different stakeholders by providing a suitable venue for scientific presentations, but also forums and artistic expressions (see description of the plan in 3.2.2).

Working Group Leaders