Research Coordination Objectives

  1. Synthesise current knowledge of the role of islands as ES suppliers by facilitating a critical assessment of our current knowledge and understanding of island ecosystems services; capacities, flows, and sustainability of ecosystem services use; and their future trends.

  2. Convey and share knowledge among scientists, policy makers and stakeholders from different scientific disciplines, geographical regions and management contexts to understand the role of islands ecosystems services.

  3. Develop an integrated framework (including methods, guidelines, tools) to support the holistic assessment of ecosystem services in islands

  4. Support Science-Policy-Society (SPS) based best practices Improve understanding through cross-country and cross-sector knowledge integration towards a set of best practices to better evaluate the effects of cumulative stressors in island systems, such as climate and land use changes.

  5. Employ participatory processes, in order to adapt, use and validate indicators and identify tipping points of island systems to be used by policy makers in local, national or international regulations about ecosystem services on small-medium islands.

  6. Generate proposals with simulated outputs on concrete applications of nature-based solutions for the sustainable development of selected islands (case studies).